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Apr. 20th, 2009 | 12:05 pm

records currently on heavy rotation:

William Fitzsimmons: The Sparrow and the Crow
everything about this man is underrated. His subtlety, his arrangements, his nuances. All of it. This record is beautiful in an extremely simple and straightforward way. If you have a passion for melancholy, emotional, beautiful music in the ways that I do, or if you just need one of those songs once in awhile, this record will be your rock. Key tracks: "Find Me to Forgive" and "If You Would Come Back Home"

Aaron Sprinkle: Lackluster

Aaron Sprinkle is no doubt one of my favorite producers/engineers/mixers, but he is also becoming one of my favorite artists. His way of weaving texture and melody together are amazing. He's worked on Copeland, Eisley, Acceptance, Corey Crowder, Anberlin, and so many more. I've been listening to Lackluster a lot lately, for mainly two reasons. "Genevieve", and "Sweeter Than Me". These songs have so much space to them. They just soar endlessly. He uses organs, vibes, and very complimentary harmonies to give these songs life. I've been addicted lately.

I was fortunate enough to talk to Mr Sprinkle on the phone earlier this month, and he is not only extremely busy and talented, but also very down to earth, grounded, and kind. I'm glad to know that good work can also be done by good people.

next up:

Bjork: Medúlla
I've been growing more into Bjork's music for some time now. I love the way she juxtaposes natural with synthetic in clever ways. Medúlla is entirely a cappella, but of course, Bjorkified with pitch shifted samples, effects, and intense amounts of layering and post production magic. Something about it though is seriously intriguing, and I have a feeling I will fall deeply for this record. Key Tracks: "Who Is It" and "Where Is The Line?"

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