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Jul. 7th, 2009 | 04:17 pm

We once again have the attention of the world. President Obama is in Russia restoring our image and a nation and the memorial service for Michael Jackson has demonstrated the incredible musical gifts we have given to the world. There is love in the air if we want to inhale it.

- larry watson
berklee professor.

i've cried too much and not enough today.
I love that my school cares so much about artistry, and that we can all come together to sit and mourn for a man the world took for granted, and now truly respects.

the skies in boston are flooded with thunder, lightning, and rain.
walking home in that was the most human i've felt in awhile.
I believe that rain on the day of a funeral is a gift.
Its the fallen washing away our pain.
Its the world weeping for the lost of our loved one.
Its the beginning of a new day of sun, and love, and brightness.

It rained for my grandmother in 2000.
It rains for michael jackson, today.

I can say that I love you all so much.
I can say that I cannot wait to be with you all again, so soon.
these things I know to be true.

Michael Jackson is the reason I am a musician.
He is the reason I am a dancer.
He is the reason I am goofy, childish, deepthinking when I need to be, open to the ideas of the world, and open to creating something bigger than myself.

As a child he was my biggest inspiration.
He'll be missed by me, but he's not gone.

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