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(no subject)

Mar. 30th, 2009 | 03:07 pm

rogue trip to new york on saturday.
I worked til 2 am friday night, got on a bus at 8 am, and got back at 2am to work again sunday at 11am.

It was much needed, actually.
Having a spring break with next to no activity, and being in serious need of some time in a different city, I ended up in the city on a whim.
Celebration! was performing at Fame, New York, and because its their last year of existence (and I won't be home for their final show) I made the trip.

long story short,
it was amazing to see lawrence, and the rest of celebration.
It was awesome seeing Jen Oundjian and some others.
Then I met up with Ashley Moniz and her boyfriend Ian (both of whom I know via show choir days) as well as randi carp, who used to direct for los alamitos.

anyways: here are the photos.

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(no subject)

Mar. 25th, 2009 | 12:46 am

i can see someone walking through the fens right now...
...its late...

...im scared for them!!

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they're one!

Mar. 24th, 2009 | 10:55 pm
location: Boylston st. boston ma
mood: mellowmellow
music: Earth To Bella part 2 by Incubus

...I wish i was there.

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break is over

Mar. 23rd, 2009 | 11:39 am

I head back to school today.
Spring Break was a waste.
I got nothing done and did almost nothing - with the exception of the things I blogged about.
I have boston fever and need to spend a few days out of it.

I wish I had a car at times like these...just drive to maine or something for a day or two.

Only a month and a half left of school though.

then the summer i've been longing for.

Its just the weather. I know it is.

oh well.
time to do a take home midterm I had two weeks to finish that's due in two hours.


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(no subject)

Mar. 20th, 2009 | 03:24 am

watched both of these tonight:

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(no subject)

Mar. 19th, 2009 | 03:23 pm


the president on leno tonight?
that's insane.

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St Patrick's Day

Mar. 18th, 2009 | 01:31 pm
location: boylston st. boston ma
mood: boredbored
music: the simpsons on hulu

St Patrick's Day was interesting.
I went with Carly to the apple store to get my mouse fixed. They replaced it.
We walked around newbury.
At night I had dinner with Bri at Fridays, and then went out with mr tim lillis to faneuil hall.
it was definitely interesting.

here are some pictures:

cupcakes courtesy of Johnny Cupcakes

i do believe i am a leprechaun

tim and myself.

myself as a crazy person.

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the bold words are links

Mar. 17th, 2009 | 12:26 pm
location: Boylston St, Boston, MA
music: "sinnerman" Nina Simone

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Happy Evacuation Day!

Yesterday I met up with Cassie in the afternoon and we went down to the New England Aquarium. It was my first time going there, so i was just as excited about it as she was. We got there, and right away there are seals or sea lions or whatever. It just gets you so excited to go inside.
The aquarium was pretty awesome. There is a big cylindrical tank in the middle of the room, with a spiral ramp all the way around it, so you can see all levels from all sides and angles. Then at the top, you can look down into the opening. It was insane to see all of the different fish, turtles, eels, SHARRKS , living together peacefully. Then the rest of the aquarium consisted of a pretty sweet penguin exhibit, some tanks of fishes and anacondas (slol), and other little sea creatures. It was really really fun.

Then cassie and i wandered boston. I showed her a bunch of the sights, and we had the cheesiest mac n cheese on earth at quincy market. I love this city. I especially love this city when i'm showing it to people for the first time. Its all brand new to me again too, through them.
Then cassie and I tried to find her a cab forever. It was freezing. That was not fun. Finally we found one, and I hung out with Omid, and then Gina. We watched intervention. It was tragically comical.

today i'm wearing green and hopefully going downtown with some friends to take part in the st patricks day festivities. :)

enjoy your day!

smile fish!

cassie and the jellies

the top of the big tank

myrtle the turtle!

cassie riding myrtle

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(no subject)

Mar. 15th, 2009 | 11:12 pm
location: in my room in my apartment in boston in massachusetts
mood: mellowmellow
music: "on the safest ledge" copeland

The charity event ended up being really fun. It was at the Liberty Hotel, which is absolutely beautiful. I would definitely love to go back. The hotel is an old prison, that's a historic landmark. A lot of the old jail cells and facades are still there, which is also awesome. They have a few restaurants. Clink - which looks pretty awesome, and Alibi - which is where the event was. In alibi, they had all of these celebrity mugshots everywhere. It was awesome. Paris Hilton's was autographed, which I thought was kind of funny.

all of the white murals with the trees used to be hallways with cells down both sides (As is represented by Clink, which has original cells.)

Lexy and Cassie

+ Claire

next we took a cab to the north end to go to an italian place for dinner.
basically, the craziest dining experience i've ever had took place.
Everything was fine! Our bostonian server had a fake italian accent, which was kind of funny. Then he dropped all the food, and mine was really great. But mike, who is lexy's brother, got his pork chop and was unhappy with it. Apparently it was over cooked, and since we were all paying pretty decent money, he wanted it to be right, so he sent it back. The server was like - you gonna complain about the food?? and we were all being so cordial and polite...assertive...but polite. He just knew what he wanted, you know? So the italian accent came off and the Boston accent came out, and he got a HUGE attitude. all of us were like, seriously right now?! So he sends it back, and the next dish was fine. Mike thanked him for fixing it and that was that...or so i thought. But apparently the position mike was sitting in was facing the kitchen, and the chef was like staring him down! PISSED. so basically they're staring each other down, and my back is to the chef so i didnt even know. Then all of a sudden the chef COMES over to the table, and starts yelling at him. calls him rude, and an asshole, and that he has no manners and all of this stuff. All of us are like WHAT IS GOING ON. Then they kick him out! They tell us all to leave. Of course this is after we'd payed. it was INSANE. 5 guys come up and THROW HIM OUT by the collar. it was unlike anything i've ever seen.

so all this crazyness goes on, and we leave, and go to newbury street.
ended up at daisy buchanan's. it was pretty fun.
I ran into karen.

then i came home and went to sleep and worked a double today.

tomorrow i'm showing cassie around boston, because lexy has class and cassie doesn't want to sit inside all day.
So i think we're going to walk around, do the freedom trail, and then go to the aquarium.
should be cool.

sorry this entry isnt very prettily worded or anything.
too much to say.
its more about the pictures anyways.

cab ride to the north end

claire, lexy, and mike.

then i ran into Karen!

older photos ive been meaning to post:

paul simon

happy st patricks day from boston!

what if the sky was green?


times square


grand central

empire state

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While I'm in between

Mar. 13th, 2009 | 01:37 pm
location: US, Massachusetts, Suffolk, Boston, Spruce Ct, 11

I know that a much lengthier post is due (and will be done shortly), but while I'm in between I just wanted to say that the days where the light shines through are far more vibrant than the days of grey. I know this makes plain stupid sense, but I'm grateful for the sun today.

It used to be that the rainy days were my favorite. The days that taught me how to feel and what to think. I realized that that was only the case because they were bookended by countless days of Southern California warmth and light. After living through another 4-5 months of New England winter, I find the sunshine days bringing about the same inspiration and deep thinking that the rain used to bring. I attribute it to a change of the norm. A skip in the record. Throwing a huge stick into the spokes of my mundane everyday routine.
I love the feeling of falling straight over the handlebars on days like today.


Cassie is in town this weekend (til wed) and I'm excited to see her. We're going to a charity event tomorrow night with her other friend who lives in Boston. It's at the Liberty Hotel (which is beautiful), and will be a good excuse to dress up and spend a night out in this amazing city I live in...and all for a good cause.

I'll update with pictures soon.
I'll also update about the rest of my life's happenings with that post.

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